Message from Chairman

chairman-2016Maiya Devi Girls’ College was not built in a day. A lot of toil and tear have been invested in its making. Its present position and reputation has been possible through untiring effort and struggle of many educationists, intellectuals and social workers. Similarly, the dedicated teaching faculties and administrative staff deserve equal credit. Started with a few students and hired classroom just 25 years ago, Maiya Devi Girls’ College has rapidly grown into a colossal institution satisfying educational needs of thousands of students coming from all over Nepal. We can find graduates from Maiya Devi Girls’ College in various corners of Nepal. It has produced many academicians, administrators, managers and leaders in various professional fields, and I believe it will continue leading the educational field of the nation in the days to come.

Finally, I feel highly honoured to hold the position of Maiya Devi Girls’ College BOD Chairman, and proudly invite the prospective students to come to Maiya Devi Girls’ College.